Information technology plays a primary role in industries. You’d be hard pressed to find an industry that does not heavily rely on technology initiatives to help run the operational and/or strategic aspects of the business. Technology is integrated in most, if not all, areas of business and organizations have come to depend upon technology being available.

Here at Creative Ideator, our focus is on providing you exceptional IT services whether you are in the retail sector or Financial Sector. Our expertise and proficiency in various industries will give you unique services just appropriate for your specific industry and business sector. Whether your firm is a promising start-up, filing for IPO or an established player, we can provide the tools to help you manage rapid growth, become more efficient and realize your business vision.

Our Industry specific business software solutions are available in the following business sectors, to name but a few.

Advertising and Communications

Making the move to next-generation services

The advertising and communications industry has facilitated the most from rapid adoption of social media and social business on a global scale. Not only the latest products and entertainment is a click away from the end consumer, but customers are now fully aware of all the market happenings which provide a basis for healthy competition between various businesses.

So do you want your business to fall behind in this age of globalization? Creative Ideator will help you reach out to your customers through social media, telecom and other social networks. Our experience in this particular field will help you enhance your business terrain, and that also in a very cost effective manner.

Utilizing our experience to raise your business profile

Our portfolio includes Geo Tv’s Alif Laam Meem show and Warid Telecom’s new Tijarat service. We have developed digital web based IT services for our customers which helped them to enhance their market share in a very short period of time.


Driving Innovation

Consolidation, globalization and a challenging economy are driving manufacturers to radically transform their supply chains. Those manufacturers that seize opportunioties to redefine their operational and competitive footprints are becoming tomorrow’s industry leaders. Creative Ideator’s smarter software will be your muscle behind solutions for automotives. We’ll help you overcome the following challenges to be one of the latest digitally driven automobiles organization:

  • Manage products and maintain technology portfolios
  • Engage with both upstream and downstream supply chain management
  • Accelerate growth and cut out intermediaries
  • Enhance market over the web by employing latest technology into your daily business activities

At Creative Ideator, we will help you to tackle strategic business challenges by providing smarter automobiles solutions in product innovation, supply chain optimization, marketing, sales and service differentiation.

Banking and Finance

Computers are getting more sophisticated. They have given banks a potential they could only dream about and have given bank customers high expectations. The changes that new technologies have brought to banking are enormous in their impact on officers, employees, and customers of banks. Advances in technology are allowing for delivery of banking products and services more conveniently and effectively than ever before – thus creating new bases of competition. Rapid access to critical information and the ability to act quickly and effectively will distinguish the successful banks of the future. The bank gains a vital competitive advantage by having a direct market and accountable customer service environment and new, streamlined business processes. Consistent management and decision support systems provide the bank that competitive edge to forge ahead in the banking marketplace.

Creative Ideator’s Financial Solutions

Our wide experience in technological banking solutions will help you retain customers and develop new sources of revenue. At the same time it will also be cost efficient and streamline your operations. We have a vast range of user friendly services which can be customized according to your unique business requirements.

Entertainment and Media

Digital Evolution!

Today, Media & Entertainment enterprises are navigating some of the biggest shifts ever witnessed in technology, culture and business models–from adoption to preference, from fragmented audiences to convergent industries, from emerging economies to game-changing new players.

Embracing technology and business forces that create this shift will help tomorrow’s enterprises lead the ‘digital evolution’ and stay strong–creatively and financially.

Creative Ideator helps you in consulting, technology and sourcing to create long-term value with your customers. We provide you exceptional services to transform your business, accelerate innovation and perform efficient operations.

Do more with less

Our experience and proven service delivery approach enables us to tailor solutions that meet your business needs while mitigating project risk to ensure on-time, on-budget delivery. We will help you monetize content across multiple channels which will enable seamless connected user experiences. We will help you understand your customer needs to design and innovate accordingly.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Catching the fast moving goods!

The consumer goods industry is immensely profitable in emerging economies. Opportunities for significant value addition exist at every stage. However, it is susceptible to changing market mechanisms, supply chain bottlenecks, cost overruns, competition and product proliferation. In such a setting, companies are constantly challenged to create distinct brand value propositions.

It is the ability to evolve with the mobile, socially aware consumers and understand their habits — quickly and accurately — that will empower enterprises. With this empowerment, they can effect change and predict demand patterns, as well as engage, convert, and retain consumers — both at home and in-store.

How we deliver business solutions?

Creative Ideator offers a range of solutions for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry that can help you create powerful touch points with consumers in a closely contested market. Our expertise in web experience, mobility and social media will help strengthen and augment your customer base. In a business where customer loyalty is everything, we help you deliver strategic business value.

Oil and Gas

Ideas for growing your business

The Oil and Gas industry is one of the biggest and most thriving industries in the whole world. In these progressing times, it has become vital for this industrial sector to evolve and keep pace with the ongoing technological advancements. Leading industries are largely profiting from high-end techniques and practices and efficiently growing their businesses while simplifying complexity with the apt use of technology.

Why Creative Ideator?

Creative Ideator is a technology service business focused on integrating people, business and technology. Our consulting, outsourcing, professional services, and industry-specific solutions are designed to help you succeed in today’s dynamic market. We have the experience, innovative thinking and  a track record of execution to help you establish the latest technological advancements in your business sector customized to your business organization.

We are committed to long-term collaboration and innovative answers to your business needs. Let’s be brilliant together.

Public Sector

A comprehensive government portfolio

The public sector faces many challenges including weak systems and under-resourced facilities that deliver poor outcomes relative to total expenditure. Global references demonstrate that information technology has the ability to assist in this regard through the automation of processes, thus reducing the inefficiencies of manually driven processes and lowering transaction costs. Information Technology (IT) has the substantial potential to contribute to improving access to data, lowering overall costs, and streamlining operational efficiencies in the system.

Creative Ideator will help you achieve all of this, as we understand the dynamic nature of today’s global environment and uniqueness of Public Sector. We will enable your business to meet quality expectations for citizen services by providing the best technological solutions to your troubles.


Importance of IT in Retail

The importance of information technology in retail stems from the importance of data. Data is nothing but information that aids decision making. The right data, in the right form to the right setoff people at the right time, is one of the greatest tools in the hands of the retailer. Information is always with reference to a particular time frame.

The use of information technology serves as a basis for integrating the functioning of various departments. When a retailer decides to use the power of technology to aid business, the investment in terms of money is usually high. However the benefits of the use of information technology are many.

  • Efficiency in operations
  • Aids in communication with the consumers
  • Easy data gathering to make informed decisions about new trends

Our experience and your business growth

Creative Ideator will provide you all the new advancements in information technology suitable to your business. Web designing, social media, Mobility and Social collaboration are the key areas we focus on when dealing with the retail sector. Technology is at the heart of business success and we are here to provide you all the new advancements in information technology suitable to your business.


Globally connected!

Convergence throughout the telecom industry is creating considerable challenges for businesses to quickly develop and deploy new and engaging rich multimedia services that complement today’s more dynamic lifestyles. Companies not only have to deal with complex technologies but constant fear of losing customers to their competitors.

The Creative Ideator advantage

With extensive industry knowledge and experience in information technology solutions, we can enable your business to fight in this digitally driven environment. Our various disciplines like web, social media and mobility provide you an edge in all areas you wish to market. We have major telecommunication clients like Warid Telecom. We pride ourselves in developing a unique mobile trade software for them. We have also worked with Zong, one of the emerging telecommunication’s name in the industry.