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Richard Brown, Anna Green, John White

SpringLabs LLC brings you serenatasforyou, the only existing platform in the world for sending serenades

Send serenades from anywhere and at any time using your mobile or from your pc.

Do you want to tell him what you like or what you feel, but you do not know how?

Do you want to surprise your friend, lover or loved one on waking or at dusk?

You are very shy

Do you want to make a different, unique and special detail?

Do you want to share your good vibes, mood and happiness?

With serenades for you, you will no longer have excuses to give a good detail to a special person or express your feelings, the serenades will never go out of style, dedicate a song to conquer your love, express your spite and pain, congratulate, on that special occasion, revive the flame of love or reconcile yourself by sending a song on a phone call.

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