Mobility for better business outcomes

At Creative Ideator, we realize that you need to find a partner that can align your mobile applications with your business goals. We work with you to align your mobile environment with your business and IT strategy, and enable your mobile applications to work with multiple mobile devices while providing the level of support you need so you can devote valuable IT resources to other projects.

Transforming you to a Mobile Enterprise

The world is rapidly approaching billions of Internet-connected users, tens of billions of connected consumer electronic devices and hundreds of billions of commercial or industrial connected devices. These new devices are placing demands on enterprises and consumers around the globe. Our services deliver the solutions that prepare our clients and their customers to meet the demands and seize the opportunities that mobility presents.

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Over 5.3 billion people or 77% of the world’s population are now on mobile. Creative Ideator’s Mobility Solutions enable organizations to be highly productive and customer centric by making information available at the right time to the right person with a SIMPLE CLICK!

We offer mobility solutions across wide range of platforms and devices. Our solutions are built integrating the device features and their capabilities. We provide multi-platform support services for Android, iOS (iphone and ipad), Windows phone, to name but a few.  We have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to deliver operational efficiency and use mobility to help you develop a competitive advantage.

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Be Social, Be Local, Be Mobile.