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Internet advertising or web advertising is now considered one of the most effective advertising methods used‚ as it provides the ability to target specific markets while they are surfing the Internet.  Whether your goal is building a constituency, raising funds, generating awareness, or selling products, Creative Ideator’s Digital advertising services can help you identify and target your most responsive audiences, fueling their interest and inspiring them to take action on your behalf.

All of our advertising campaigns have a single overarching goal: cultivating and sustaining high-value relationships with passionate supporters of an organization or brand.

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Our Digital Advertising approach

While every advertising program we create is unique, here’s an overview of our typical process


At the start of every engagement, we work with the client to identify goals and then address them within the overall online and offline strategy. We analyze media trends, website analytics, relevant issues, the competitive landscape, and current online and offline assets, as well as the aims of key stakeholders. Once we’ve established the overall objectives, we develop a strategy that will accomplish them.

Media Planning & Message Creation

After assessing your current assets and goals, we develop detailed media plans and message tracks. We also create ad copy, landing page combinations, and catchy designs to ensure those users’ expectations are being set and met. We can also collaborate with your existing media partners to craft an integrated paid marketing approach that complements your planned efforts on TV and radio and in print.

Campaign Optimization & Reporting

Some of the biggest performance gains happen when optimizing live campaigns. We constantly test ad copy, targets, and landing pages in real time, and we use what we learn to boost performance dramatically. We also provide reports about campaign performance to key stakeholders and regularly discuss optimizations and next steps. We monitor results on a daily, and sometimes hourly, basis until we’ve developed the most persuasive messaging possible.

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Many of our programs involve only parts of this process. Contact us now to find out how we can improve your advertising campaigns and help you achieve your goals.